Quinton Hypertonic

  • Cat No: NH-17-1
60,00 лв.

All the power of the sea in its natural form

Total seawater from the ocean, prepared according to the instructions of the physiologist and biologist, René Quinton. It contains the Totum (total) ionic minerals of seawater in line with the elements from the periodical table.

It promotes cellular nutrition.


As it contains magnesium, Quinton Hypertonic favours the right balance of electrolytes, the normal energy metabolism and it helps decrease tiredness and fatigue. It enhances the normal functions of the nervous system and the psychological functions. The synthesis of protein and the normal muscle functions.
It keeps bones and teeth healthy. It favours the cell division process.


Presentation: Box of 30 snap open ampoules of drinkable hypertonic solution.


From 2 to 6 vials a day: in the morning and at midday. It should not be taken at mealtimes.

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