Marine therapy consists in administering seawater to patients to improve their state of health. Numerous studies confirm the fact that organic water is essential to preserve the hydromineral balance of our cells. The classic schools of wisdom had already spoken of the replenishing power of the sea but, it was in the 19th century when the biologist and the physiologist René Quinton carried out the clinical trials to demonstrate that seawater, when diluted to isotonic water, is identical to the human body’s internal environment. Isotonic seawater, which was formerly known as Quinton Plasma, manages to rebuild the damaged cell.

Currently, university and scientific studies conducted at Alicante University, Murcia University and Granada University recommend using and/or consuming seawater seeing as it contains all the minerals needed for the cells to work properly and thanks to the bioavailability of the ions of these elements, any mineral deficiency can be replenished. Moreover, seawater plays a crucial role in the world of nutrigenetics, as Peter Agre and Rodrick MacKinnon (Nobel Prizes in Chemistry in 2003), and Bruce Lipton (Doctor in Medicine) have demonstrated. A cell’s operations are primarily determined by its interaction with the environment and not only according to its genetic code.

It balances the body

It restores health and the energy balance.

It regenerates the cells

Because it supplies all the essential elements needed for it to work properly.

It restores homeostasis

It favours the self-adjustment that keeps the composition and the properties of the body balanced.

It supplies natural salts and minerals 

Indispensable for the body due to their numerous functions.

It works like a nutritional supplement

It regulates the digestion and favours the metabolism.

It improves all-round health

It enhances the quality of life.

It regulates the physiological pH

By maintaining the optimum acid and hydration levels.

It stimulates the immune system

It boosts the body’s defences against infections.

It favours the right secretion of hormones

It improves the response of the endocrine system.

Why does the Quinton Marine Therapy work?

When it comes to nutrition, our body cannot extract the necessary minerals out of common foods to work properly. Restoring the mineral balance is essential to be able to re-establish the internal environment or the biological terrain and all-round good health. Seawater, thanks to its mineral identity and its supply of prebiotic elements, restores the overall cell function.

Taking seawater manages to balance the body, regenerate the cells and restore their vitality. It favours the treatment of many conditions including skin problems, burns, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, dysmenorrhea, asthenia, dehydration, anaemia, urinary tract infections, rhinitis, nasal dryness, fatigue, insomnia, stress, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis…

The quality of the organic water is essential to maintain the hydromineral balance of our cells, which is why, the seawater that is used to develop the products of Laboratoires Quinton, is harvested in the vortices of the North Sea and it is then cold-sterilized so that it doesn’t lose any of its properties. Laboratoires Quinton harvests its seawater here due to the seawater’s stable mineral composition.

The North Sea has the largest tidal range in the world, which adds to the natural pharmacological effect of the product. A suction pump is placed 30 metres down in the aphotic zone, under the phytoplankton layer to extract the water. This is how the highest quality seawater is extracted.

Quinton (completely natural seawater) has a key role in restoring the optimum cell functions. Seawater has two effects: one is centrifugal, it activates the body’s   elimination processes for a totally natural type of detoxification (Quinton Isotonic) and the other is centripetal for metabolic disorders that interfere with the absorption of nutrients or for deficiencies (Quinton Hypertonic). According to the Pharmacopoeia (the official legal compendium of medicines), the seawater, cold microfiltered, acts as a basic polyvalent nutrient of our body, and also as a favourable modulator of our gene expression.